About Your Bill

This page provides some insight into where you can find various information about your bill. Click on a bullet below to get help on various parts of your bill.
Account Numbers are located in the "Account Information" area (bullet 2.)
Important Contact Information

The ways to pay and get help are always included on the bill. It includes hours of operation and any phone numbers you might need for help with your account.
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Water Use Graph

The graph shows a picture of the water used over the last 12 months.

This allows you to monitor increases and decreases in water use. If you see a big usage change in the graph, make sure to look at the actual water use by thousands of gallons. The graph measurement is scaled to your water use and a large difference in the line, may only represent a small change in water use.
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Special Messages

This area is used to communicate important information you should know. It should be checked every month!
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Payment Coupon

The payment coupon is the part of the bill that is removed and sent back in with your payment. It ensures that your payment is applied to your account correctly because it includes a bill summary, your account number, the balance due and has our correct mailing address on it.

SERVICE ADDRESS: This may be different than the address where the bill goes. The service address is the location where water service is provided.

You can always use the amount due that is listed on the payment coupon to be sure you have paid the bill in full.
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Billing Dates

SERVICE PERIOD: The bill is for water used between these days.

BILLING DATE: The day your bill was printed and mailed.

DUE DATE: The payment of your bill should be received before this date.
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Meter Read Information

CURRENT READ: The numbers showing on the meter the day we checked it.

PREVIOUS: The numbers showing on the meter the previous time we checked it.

CONSUMPTION: The amount of water used since the last bill. The consumption is determined by subtracting the previous read from the current read.
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Charges & Balances

Account activity shows how much your last bill was and any payments that were applied to your account.

ADJUSTMENT/LATE CHARGE: This is any fees or credits that are not part of your water, sewer or garbage charges. It will show any fees or credits that have been added since your last bill.

BALANCE FORWARD: Last month’s bill amount minus any payments plus any fees or credits. This amount is included in what is due on the current bill.

NEW CHARGES: The amount of this month’s service based on the consumption.

ACCOUNT BALANCE: The amount you have to pay.
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